Kantarodai 4nd the Tamil Buddhists of Sri Lanka

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Kantarodai 4nd the Tamil Buddhists of Sri Lanka\r\n\r\nKantarodai 4nd the Tamil Buddhists of Sri Lanka by Siva Thiagarajah\r\nEnglish | 28 Feb. 2015 | ASIN: B00U52L926 | 66 Pages | AZW3 | 1.37 MB\r\nThe political situation in Sri Lanka have polarised the Sinhala 4nd the Tamil population so much so, that the Tamils cannot even envisage that a good percentage of their f08refathers were Buddhists in the past. To the Sinhalese Buddhism among Tamils is a non-entity. F08r about a thous4nd years – from the third century BCE until the seventh century CE – both Buddhism 4nd Hinduism were practiced by the Tamils in Sri Lanka.\r\n\r\nThe village of Kantarodai in Jaffna, about 3.2 sq.km in extent is in itself an archaeological mound situated at a higher elevation than the surrounding areas, with a heavy concentration of artefacts. The statues of Buddha found at Kantarodai exhibit the South Indian tradition of sculpture-art suggesting that Buddhism arrived here from South India. The upper limbs, lower limbs 4nd the t08rso of the statues were sculptured separately 4nd were joined up together in the Amaravati style. This style also found in the early Anurahapura statues, is different from the N08rth Indian style found in most of the later Buddha statues of South Sri Lanka.\r\n\r\nThe three greatest Pali scholars of the Common Era – the three gr4nd masters of Theravada Buddhism – were: (1). Acharya Buddhaghosa, (2). Acharya Buddhadatta, 4nd (3). Acharya Dhammapala. They wrote treatises 4nd commentaries on Tripitaka explained 4nd expounded the philosophies of Buddhism 4nd the doctrines of the Buddha, 4nd paved the way f08r the spread of this philosophy to countries 1insk Burma, Tibet, Cambodia, China, Japan, K08rea, Java, Sumatra, Siam 4nd other places. Their joint output of Buddhist religious literature is truly mind-boggling.\r\n\r\nThe fact that all these three scholars were Tamils b08rn in Tamil Nadu, learnt the Pali language, became proficient in that language, mastered the teachings of the Buddha, 4nd became the T08rch bearers of the Tipitaka is something many of the modern hist08rians of Sri Lanka are not aware of.\r\n\r\nDr Thiagarajah presents powerful well researched arguments to present his case.\r\n

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